Purdy Organics

July 26, 2017

Meet Sis! She makes pickled vegetables using organic produce from local Northwest farms! 

My family LOVES her pickles! We can eat a large jar within 24 hrs apparently! That is what happened to the tasty pickles I got last Thursday at the Gig Harbor Farmer's Market. 


Best pickled onions and jalapeños!!! Anything Sis pickles turns out great!

Emmy Lauren reviewed Purdy Organics — 5 star

July 23, 2017 

My six-year old ate most of the pickles... she shared a few. Grandpa tasted the pickled beets and said it took him back to his childhood and HIS grandma's pickled beets that he used to love. We'll be planning a stop at Harbor Greens to stock up on more..... 

Tish Holmes reviewed Purdy Organics — 5 star

January 22, 2015 · 

Holy cow this stuff makes hotdogs heaven. No better pickled products, period!!

Natthan Rupert reviewed Purdy Organics — 5 star

April 27, 2015 · 

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